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Taboos in the Digital Nomad Community, Fear of Commitment, What Happens when we get Old – a Candid Talk with researcher Shaun Busuttil 

 június 26, 2023

By  Bori

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Welcome to the In search of something different Podcast, where we sit down with Shaun Busuttil, a writer and photographer and researcher, who is currently working on his Phd about digital nomadism.

With an impressive portfolio of published work, including National Geographic Traveller and Lonely Planet, Shaun shares his unique perspective on the intersection of travel, culture, and politics. In our conversation, we explore how digital nomadism affects it’s environment, the role of politics in shaping this lifestyle, and the core values that are shared by many who embrace this way of living. We reach topics that could be considered taboos within the nomad community, including loneliness, fear of commitment and what the future hold us when we will be old.

I really enjoyed this conversation, Shaun’s curiosity about the world, and his ability to deep dive into any topic, and his genuine self-reflection were a true inspiration. I am you host, Bori Vigh, and this is the In search of something podcast, where we talk about new ideas, points of views about how we live, work, connect and create.

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Bori Vigh, a passionate advocate for exploring new perspectives, this podcast is a sanctuary for those seeking inspiration, curiosity, and a fresh take on how we live, work, connect, and create. So grab a seat, tune in, and prepare to embark on an enlightening adventure as we search for something different together.