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Do we have Time? – All about the Sensitive Subject of Fertility and Egg Freezing with Daniela Nătălețu 

 július 3, 2023

By  Bori

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Today we have a remarkable guest who's fearlessly challenging taboos and revolutionizing the way we discuss fertility.

Join us for an incredible conversation with Daniela Nătălețu, a fertility consultant who has guided and supported numerous individuals through the ups and downs of this often challenging journey. She brings invaluable insight and sheds light on this sensitive topic, offering a fresh perspective that will inspire and inform.

In this episode, we'll delve into the reasons why egg freezing is still surrounded by taboos and uncover its true accessibility and significance. We strongly believe that discussing such a vital topic is crucial in our evolving world, where the average age of starting a family has increased by almost a decade compared to previous generations.

I am also attached to this topic, and I will share my personal journey from a few years ago.


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