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Networking as an Introvert – Avoiding Small-talk, and how Creating your Own Community can be the Antidote for Loneliness – a chat with Marcel Wijermars 

 augusztus 28, 2023

By  Bori

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Meet Marcel Wijermars - the founder of No More Networking, an Entrepreneur Community for growth-focused business owners who are tired of the traditional ways of networking. Marcel breaks the mold as an introverted leader. 

In our chat, we talk about the growing shadow of loneliness on our society, unlocking the secrets of navigating new communities, and snagging Marcel's tips for forming your own close-knit circle.

Plus, we tackle the challenge of being an introvert in an extravert-culture.

Marcel is the founder of No More Networking, Amsterdam's Entrepreneur Community for growth-oriented entrepreneurs.

He brings together entrepreneurs through exclusive events that feel more like fun evenings out with friends than traditional, transactional networking events.

These No More Networking events consistently prove to be fertile ground for business collaborations and lifelong friendships.

Marcel's mission is to expand No More Networking events to major cities worldwide, providing growth-oriented entrepreneurs with a supportive community of like-minded individuals.

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