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Setting Sail for Connection: Inside the Nomad Cruise Community – Johannes Voelkner 

 szeptember 4, 2023

By  Bori

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Please welcome to the show, the founder of Nomad Cruise, Johannes Völkner.

He set out to solve the problem of wanting to travel with other nomads, and in doing so, he ended up creating the most influential conference and meeting point for those in search of a location-independent lifestyle.

For several years, I had the opportunity to be the program director and the main host of the Nomad Cruise, working alongside Johannes. This allowed me to witness and learn from his immaculate method of building a lifelong community.

Some of the people I met at these events are now my closest friends. Since then, this community has helped me feel at home in every location I land.

During our conversation, we discuss his journey in creating these events, how COVID-19 transformed the landscape for remote workers, and he shares some valuable insights into how he fosters connections among people on board.

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