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Creating Culture on Remote Teams, Getting Big Clients and the Bucketlist with Nini Fritz

 október 2, 2023

By  Bori

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In this fascinating discussion, we explore the world of remote work with our guest, Nini, a digital nomad and remote worker. We get an insight into her three projects that aim to connect people, both on a professional and personal level, in the ever-evolving digital workspace. Listen in as Nini shares her philosophy on creating a life of connection, her perspective on what makes a healthy company culture, and her experiences of working with different teams.

Continuing the conversation, we tackle the challenging topic of team dynamics and loneliness at work. Nini gives her expert opinion on the benefits of a well-structured team, the drawbacks of micromanagement, and how to motivate a team in a remote work environment. We also talk about the growing importance of company culture and the value of remote work. Nini shares her insights on how both companies and remote workers can optimize their work life, as well as how to leverage coupons for work opportunities. This is an enlightening conversation you won't want to miss!

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EyeConnect: https://www.eyeconnectgame.com/

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