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Navigating the Globe as a Digital Nomad Family - Creating Content with Consistency and Making 20K per month with Hight Tickets sales - Dee Greene

 október 23, 2023

By  Bori

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On this captivating podcast, listen in as we journey with our guest, a nomadic family man and social media entrepreneur.

Discover how he managed to turn the dream of traveling with his family into a reality. Learn about the list of criteria he and his wife had when they were deciding where to travel and how they've been enjoying life in various parts of the world since 2020.

Next, be inspired by the guest's entrepreneurial journey, from his humble beginnings to building a successful online business. We touch on the strategies he used to market his services and why he chose to transition to a nomadic lifestyle. Also, learn about his experience in content creation and how he believes it can be a tool to help others and build a sense of community online.

Lastly, we talk about the challenges of being a digital nomad parent, including homeschooling and socializing. We discuss the importance of setting goals and the freedom that comes with this lifestyle. Moreover, the guest shares his experience with racism while traveling and his positive approach to dealing with it.

Listen in to this enlightening conversation to gain insights into the life of a digital nomad family, overcoming fear in content creation, and launching a successful online business.

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Bori Vigh, a passionate advocate for exploring new perspectives, this podcast is a sanctuary for those seeking inspiration, curiosity, and a fresh take on how we live, work, connect, and create. So grab a seat, tune in, and prepare to embark on an enlightening adventure as we search for something different together.