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Taboos in the Digital Nomad Community 2 - Gentrification, Environment And Imposters - A New Talk with Shaun Busuttil

 október 30, 2023

By  Bori

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Have you ever stopped to consider how your lifestyle affects the communities around you? 

As digital nomads, this is the hard-hitting question we are confronted with in today's episode. We delve into the impact we have on cities like Lisbon, where rental prices have risen dramatically due to our presence and locals are being pushed from their homes. Though the nomadic lifestyle comes with many positives, we must also acknowledge the challenges and strive to be part of the solution.

Ever felt like an imposter or wrestled with the ethics of charging for advice? Too often, these issues plague the coaching industry and, as digital nomads, we are not immune. In this episode, we tackle the difficult questions around these topics, exploring the temptation to exploit vulnerable individuals and the importance of understanding your worth. Furthermore, we delve into the paradox of finding purpose in the freedom that comes with being a digital nomad.

Finally, we journey to the vibrant city of Berlin, a haven for individuals seeking a place to be 'edgy'. Here, we explore the paradox of individuality and community, and question the authenticity of those pursuing a 'spiritual' appearance. Throughout the episode, we challenge ourselves and our listeners to reflect on our motivations, our impact on the world, and the ethical implications of our chosen lifestyle.

So join us, as we navigate the complexities and joys of being a digital nomad.

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