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Building a Business with your Life Partner and Finding Freedom after the Hustle Culture - Diara Parker

 november 20, 2023

By  Bori

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In a world with constant pressure to perform, achieve, and conform, Diara and I engaged in a thought-provoking discussion about the realities of life as women in today's society. 

From the haunting echoes of societal expectations and the burnout it often results in, we navigated the turbulent waters of our early twenties with resilience and determination. Together, we questioned the metrics of success and unpacked the layers of 'boss babe' culture, highlighting the stark need for a shift in language and leadership roles for women in the workforce.

As we journeyed through the conversation, we found ourselves drawn to the topic of career transitions and entrepreneurship. We walked through our individual paths, revealing our struggles and triumphs as we leaped into unfamiliar territories, guided by nothing but our intuition. Our shared experiences brought to focus the beauty of following our gut, even when it leads to the most unexpected of places, like Lisbon, Portugal.

But it wasn't all about work. We touched upon the delicate dance of balancing personal and professional relationships, the importance of boundaries within these, and how they shape our life choices. We discussed the intricacies of family dynamics, particularly parent-child relationships, and their profound impact on our identities. Our conversation ended on a hopeful note, emphasizing the power of self-discovery, setting personal boundaries, and nurturing deep connections.

Tune in to join us as we redefine success, challenge societal norms, and trace the path to true fulfillment.

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