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AI and Inner Engineering- How Curiosity is the Way to Create Utopia - Alexandre Karim Howard

 december 4, 2023

By  Bori

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From the day I met Karim, his lucid perspective on AI and its influence on our minds had me spellbound. With a background as diverse as his, the nuggets he brought to our podcast were insightful, raising thought-provoking questions on the future and potential of AI.

Join us as Karim unveils his fascination with AI's philosophical aspects, discussing its potency not just as a technological tool but as an amplifier of our existing beliefs. He urges us to master our thoughts and emotions and become soul hackers to harness AI as a tool for positive change.

Our conversation traversed landscapes as varied as Karim's background, touching on AI's potential in helping us understand the world's complexity. While Karim’s insights revealed AI's potential as an amplifier of our existing beliefs, he also emphasized the importance of using it responsibly. We debated the significance of inner engineering in an AI-dominated world, where maintaining control over our thoughts and emotions is more crucial than ever.

In the final stretch of our discussion, Karim and I explored the blurred lines between reality and creation and how our inner world shapes our external reality. We delved into the exciting crossroads where technology meets spirituality, contemplating how AI might be peeling away at the intellectual layer of human intelligence, leading to a shift in how we process information.

We encourage you, our listeners, to be conscious of your emotional states, to engage in divergent thinking, and to take control of your inner world.

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